Kathy Working In The Kitchen

What’s cooking in Kathy’s Kitchen

We decided to peek into Kathy’s Kitchen to find out more about her tasty approach.

Balance and harmony are principles that apply to so many things that we do at Oaklands, especially when it comes to sustainable food production. We embarked on a sustainable permaculture gardening project a few of years ago and it has completely changed the way we produce and prepare our food.

Renowned chef Kathy Romer-Lee runs Kathy’s Kitchen at Oaklands Country Manor and her approach is simple: keep it real and simple. “Source the best ingredients that you can and then treat them with as much integrity as possible,” is always her advice to aspirant chefs.


Seasonal Menus


Permaculture takes its lead from the seasons, which means we grow food in the most optimal conditions and enjoy fruits and vegetables when they are in season. As a result Kathy has to adapt our menu throughout the year, which she sees as an exciting challenge, “Eating seasonally totally changes the way you eat. You design much more exciting dishes, like the brilliant brinjal achar we made this summer with our excess product, and use ingredients that you wouldn’t normally cook with.”

Magical Benefits

There are numerous benefits to our food philosophy, but they are felt most prominently where it matters the most – on your plate and palate.

“The benefits of using organic produce in cooking are HUGE,” says Kathy. “The flavour and the quality of organic produce is far superior. You can quite happily eat your food knowing that there are no glysophates in your food, which cause many health problems. You can also eat your food with a clear conscience.”


Winter is coming…


Which means that Kathy will be changing up the menu over the next few weeks. She gave us just a taste of what she’s working on for the colder months, “Winter is a great time to cook Ossobuco, stunning root vegetable dishes from the garden and health-giving bone broths, and my favorite dessert – upside down apple tart with lashing of homemade custard and thick farm cream.”

Book your stay at Oaklands Country Manor to enjoy Kathy’s nourishing meals or pop in for a visit – you’re always welcome.