Johannesburg Tours

These are a small selection of some of our favourite tours of Johannesburg. All tours can be booked as private or group tours and can be tailored to suit your needs and interest.

 In Mandela’s Footsteps

Depart: 08:00 – 09:00

Return: 17:00



Constitution Hill

  • Constitution Hill Functioned As A Prison During Apartheid Era. It Is Known For Its Harsh Treatment Of Prisoners. Criminals And Political Activists Like Mahatma Gandhi In 1906 Were Held At The Prison.

Mandela House (Soweto)

  • Mandela House Is The House Where Nelson Mandela Lived Until He Was Forced Underground In 1961. It Is Located On The Corner Of Vilakazi And Ngakane Street. He Moved There In 1946. In 1999 It Was Declared A National Heritage Site.

Mandela Yard (Alexandra)

  • When Nelson Mandela First Came To Johannesburg In 1940 He Rented A Single Room In The Mandela Yard Area. In “A Long Walk To Freedom,” He Described The Residence As: “No More Than A Shack, With A Dirt Floor, No Heat, No Electricity, No Running Water. But It Was A Place Of My Own And I Was Happy To Have It.”

Lilieslief Farm

  • The Farm Was Secretly Used By African National Congress Activists In The 1960s. It Provided A Secure Location Where The Underground Leadership Could Meet. Nelson Mandela Secretly Lived And Operated At The Farm Under The Name Of David Motsamayi.

Chancellor House

  • The Chancellor House Is A Building That Once Housed The Law Firm Of Nelson Mandela And Oliver Tambo. Between 1952 And 1956, Mandela And Tambo Had A Thriving Law Practice, Trying To Help Others Who Were Accused Of Crimes Against The State And Disobeying The Draconian Laws Of The Time. Nowadays It Is A National Heritage Site.

Cradle of Humankind Half-Day Tour

Morning – Depart: 08:00, Return: 12:00

Afternoon – Depart: 13:00, Return: 17:00



Mrs. Ples & Little Foot

  • In 1947 A Scientist Found The Almost Complete Skull Of An Adult Female And Initially Named The Skull Plesianthropus Transvaalensis (Near-Man From Transvaal), But It Became Better Known By Its Nickname, Mrs. Ples. In 1997, A Near Complete Skeleton Of A Second Species Of Australopithecus Was Found In The Caves. The Skeleton Was Named Little Foot, Since The First Parts Found (In 1995, In Storage) Were The Bones Of A Foot.

The Caves

  • Sterkfontein (Afrikaans For Strong Spring) Is A Set Of Limestone Caves Of Special Interest To Paleo-Anthropologists Located In Gauteng Province, About 40 Km (23 Miles) Northwest Of Johannesburg. Sterkfontein Is A South African National Heritage Site And Was Also Declared A World Heritage Site In 1999 And The Area In Which It Is Situated, Was Named The Cradle Of Humankind.

The New Scientific Exhibition

  • The New Scientific Exhibition Showcases A Reconstruction Of A Mined Cave – Formations And Geology, Early Life Forms, Mammals And Hominid Fossils, Among Other Topics. It Describes In Detail Important Finds, As Well As Providing Information About Fossilisation, Palaeobotany And Landscapes.