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Oaklands New Year Permacutlure garden

A New Year. A New Permaculture Garden.

Happy New Year! Why not ring it in by turning a new leaf? Forget about self-improvement… We’re talking permaculture gardens. Here are some tips to get your very own started! Eat Healthier with Permaculture This is probably the most sure-fire way to stick to your ‘eat healthier resolution’ in the New Year. Let’s face it; […]


A Lesson on Permaculture Gardens

So you’ve heard that Oaklands is empowering the Drakensberg community through permaculture. You have an idea what it’s about, but aren’t quite sure. Here’s a little crash course… What is Permaculture? A quick lesson in linguistics will get you somewhat closer to the answer. Permaculture is a combination of the words permanent and agriculture – […]


Empowering the Drakensberg through Permaculture

At Oaklands Country Manor, we are proud to announce our new permaculture initiative to empower the local Drakensberg community through sustainable practices. Why Sustainability in the Drakensberg? Family values form the core of the Oaklands Country Manor ethos. And with a long affiliation with the Drakensberg region, it’s one that extends to the nearby community […]


We’re Going… Going… Off the Grid!

Oaklands Country Manor is proud to announce that we’ve recently embarked on a process to go off the grid – starting with a network of solar-powered geysers! Earth-Loving Oaklands One of the reasons we decided to set up shop in the Drakensberg was beautiful, untouched terrain of the areas surrounding Oaklands. As you can imagine, […]