Drakensburg Mountains

Road-Tripping for Dummies

Time to plan that summer road trip to end off the year with excitement and adventure or start 2017 high on life. We give you a few tips and tricks on how to save cash and maximise the good moments while on the road,

The anticipation of summer and the approaching end-of-year holidays have many South Africans and tourists to our beautiful country thinking about taking a fun-filled road trip. There is so much to consider, such as finding accommodation half way between Johannesburg and Durban or searching for petrol filling stations on your way through to Cape Town. You’ll also want dive into fun activities to rev-up the adventure wherever your destination might lead.

Tips for Trips

Before you load up the boot, do your final headcount of your accomplices has to be put into planning for your trip. This is an effort to minimise costs, prepare for the unexpected, and ensure that your trip is a wonderful memorable experience.

Consult Your Gang – Get your friends and family involved in the planning. This way everyone tagging along can contribute financially to the travelling costs, which can include food, petrol and accommodation half way between Johannesburg and Durban, or wherever you’ll be resting. It’s important that you involve the people you cherish the most, it’s the people that make the memories worth capturing.

Plan Your Route – Be sure to plan your route well before setting off on the road. Getting lost anywhere will cost you on petrol and might even lead to you unexpectedly having to spend on food and accommodation, should you have to stop for a rest. Google Maps is a great help and can save you a lot of time money, and unnecessary stress.


Service Your Vehicle – Unless you’re taking a rental, be sure to service the vehicle you’re using to ensure roadworthiness. Ensure that your vehicle’s license disk and relevant paperwork is up to date and that everyone designated to drive has a valid driver’s license.

Book in Advance – If you plan on making overnight rest stops make sure to book in advance. Additionally, take note of the cancellation fee or costs in case of last minute delays or change of plans.

Wherever you’re headed with family and friends, make sure you’ve planned for the unexpected so you can afford to throw caution to the wind when you finally arrive safely at your destination. Consider Oaklands your ideal overnight resting stop when you pass through the beautiful Drakensberg.