Oaklands Empowering Drakensberg Permaculture Dependence

Oaklands Harvest Festival: A Family Celebration

The greater Oaklands community recently celebrated two years of exceptional hard work with the beginning of a new annual tradition. Caroline Bruce and her siblings, Kathy Romer-Lee, Annie Barnard and Simon Tully are the driving force behind the successful Oaklands Country Manor, which has won numerous awards for its incredible cuisine and warm hospitality. Set […]

It’s harvest time at Oaklands

What do pickled chilli and chakalaka competitions, feasts made from the freshest produce and garden tours have in common? They’re just three parts of a successful autumn harvest – with a unique Oaklands twist. The Oaklands community will be hosting its first annual harvest festival on the 6th and 7th of May. This means one […]

Some Winter TLC with Permaculture Tea

Winter’s in full swing, but your immune system not? Keep colds and flu at bay with permaculture this May. Here’s something you can concoct straight from your garden. Prepping for Winter with Companion Plants If you planted turmeric in September/October last year, chances are they’ve just peaked and are ready for harvest. Luckily for you, […]

Natural Healing with Permaculture and Herbs

Your permaculture garden doesn’t need chemicals to thrive, and neither should you! Steer clear of commercial meds and go ‘au natural’ instead. Your garden herbs just might have the healing powers you need to get you back on your feet. Healing Herbs of Permaculture You know what they say about an apple a day… But […]

Permaculture Recipes with In-Season Produce

So you thought you wanted to get into permaculture gardening, like you thought you wanted to start yoga. But the year is in full swing and neither has been attempted? Luckily you can eat green by shopping in season! Putting Permaculture in Your Grocery List While shopping in season might not have been how you […]

A Companion Planting Guide (Part 2)

We gave you the A-to-Cs of companion planting! Wouldn’t it be awful if we just stopped there? Never that! Here’s part 2 of our permaculture guide – D to M… The Ds of Companion Planting This letter isn’t really a big dill in our permaculture guide – it only has one helper plant… Delicious Dill […]

Inside the Permaculture Kitchen

Now that we’ve covered a few of the A to Cs of companion planting, let’s see what a harvest from your garden can concoct as far as recipes go. Step into our permaculture kitchen… Permaculture Gardening In-Season Seeing that February is around the corner, we thought it best to use compatible vegetables that fall into […]

Companion Planting from A to C…

Going for a nature vs. nurture gardening approach? Reap the rewards with the permaculture principle of companion planting, without having to get too dirty! Here’s our guide… You’re my Companion. Help me Plant! And by companion we don’t mean in enlisting the help of your friends or better half in your gardening endeavours. Rather, planting […]

A New Year. A New Permaculture Garden.

Happy New Year! Why not ring it in by turning a new leaf? Forget about self-improvement… We’re talking permaculture gardens. Here are some tips to get your very own started! Eat Healthier with Permaculture This is probably the most sure-fire way to stick to your ‘eat healthier resolution’ in the New Year. Let’s face it; […]

Fermentation all the Whey

Our permaculture initiative is in full swing, but that’s not all that’s new to Oaklands Country Manor… We’ve been enjoying our garden’s fresh produce so much that we’ve got some exciting new experiments fermenting in Kathy’s Kitchen. It’s a Whey of Life Permaculture involves more than green gardening practices – it’s also a sustainability-centred, organic […]

The Benefits of Permaculture Gardens

Calling all aspiring eco-warriors! Come take a leaf out of Oaklands’ permaculture book. We’ve got loads of gardening tips that’ll benefit both you and the environment! Gardening Made Easy If you’re looking to grow a garden minus the effort, then permaculture is your answer. Once they’re established, these gardens pretty much take care of themselves. […]

A Lesson on Permaculture Gardens

So you’ve heard that Oaklands is empowering the Drakensberg community through permaculture. You have an idea what it’s about, but aren’t quite sure. Here’s a little crash course… What is Permaculture? A quick lesson in linguistics will get you somewhat closer to the answer. Permaculture is a combination of the words permanent and agriculture – […]

Empowering the Drakensberg through Permaculture

At Oaklands Country Manor, we are proud to announce our new permaculture initiative to empower the local Drakensberg community through sustainable practices. Why Sustainability in the Drakensberg? Family values form the core of the Oaklands Country Manor ethos. And with a long affiliation with the Drakensberg region, it’s one that extends to the nearby community […]