Polo Sticks for Use at Oaklands Country Manor

Perfect your polo at Oaklands


Boasting a world-class polo field and an arena, the Oaklands Estate is a sought after destination for polo players and enthusiasts.

With a history that extends beyond 2000 years, Polo is one of the oldest sports still played today, proving that humans and horses have had a very close relationship for many centuries. At Oaklands, our impressive full-sized polo field and polo calendar keep guests enthralled throughout the year.

And while the sport is enjoyed in many countries around the world, it is still not nearly as popular as it should be. It really is a sport that everyone can enjoy.


The Basics


Polo is a team sport, played by two teams at a time, with four people on each team. The teams consist of 2 forwards, a pivot and a goal defender. Each game lasts about two hours and is divided into shorter periods called chukkas, which are around seven minutes each, with intervals in between.

Mounted on a horse, often called a polo pony, players use a long-handled mallet in their right hand to try and drive a small ball into their opponent’s goals. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. It tests players’ horseriding skills, agility, strength and handling.



A social sport


Polo is a spectator sport and active participation is necessary. In fact, some of the world’s most prestigious social events are built around this beautiful game. With majestic horses and highly skilled athletes testing their mettle, it is a thrilling game to watch and lends itself to your beverage of choice.


All are welcome


The Oaklands Estate boasts world-class polo facilities; including a proper polo field which attracts professionals and beginners from around the world, all year round.

Whether you’re just looking to brush up on your skills, perfect your game, give it a go for the first time or just want to enjoy the action from a distance – our well maintained polo field is the perfect destination. Plus, we offer tailormade tuition to suit all skill levels. Contact us to find out more.