Five Benefits of Winter Mountain Biking

This winter, improve your mountain biking skills and experience downhill thrills with the stunning Drakensberg as your backdrop. Oaklands Country Manor has a variety of trails for both nervous novices right up to serious riders. Still need convincing? Here are five reasons why you should peddle through winter…

1. Slimming Winter Warm Ups

Keep the winter chills at bay and work up a sweat on one of our mountain bike trails. Our routes range in length and intensity, so you can vary your cycle from day to day – the best way to keep your riding game on point. Why leave all the load shedding to Eskom when you can get some in on your own at Oaklands?

2. Soak Up the Drakensberg Scenery

Set in the rolling foothills of the northern Drakensberg, our trails snake through the stunning countryside. Push yourself (and your bike if necessary) to new heights – the views make for the perfect reward. You can also take a pause on your way up to soak in the natural scenery and indigenous wildlife in the area.


3. Improve your Mountain Biking Skills

Start your cycling holiday as a beginner and before long, you’ll be maneuvering the winter-weathered Drakensberg terrain with the confidence of a pro. The slippery tracks will teach you a thing or two about skidding, sliding and gliding, so get on your mountain bike and watch your skill level grow!

4. Embrace your Inner Child

Whizz through muddy puddles, flick sludge in the air and feel like a kid again! Bombing around on your mountain bike is still as fun as it was when you were 10, so get outside and play. Get the whole family involved and come off the Oaklands trails looking like dirt-splattered champions. When else will you have an excuse to play in the mud?


5. Keep your Spirits Up!

When you’re trapped indoors over winter, there’s no better way to lift your spirits than with some active, outdoor family time. A few hours a day on your bicycle can boost morale on even the dreariest of days.


Beat the cold, feel the thrill and sharpen your riding skills this winter at Oaklands. Head to the Drakensberg for your mid-year break…


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