Celebrating the Women of Oaklands


In previous decades it was often said that behind every great man is a great woman, but this certainly doesn’t apply at Oaklands Country Manor. At Oaklands, women are at the forefront of everything we do, comfortably holding their own in various vocations and leading our community.

In celebration of Women’s Month, we thought we’d shine the spotlight on some of the women who lead and shape Oaklands Country Manor, building it into the vibrant slice of heaven that it is today.


Leading The Oaklands Whey


Lady Caroline Bruce runs the Oaklands Country Manor with her siblings. In addition to the wonderful work that she does at the manor, Lady Caroline developed The Cultured Whey line of food medicines that aim to restore balance to our gut health, while working in symbiosis with the environment. In addition to overseeing many aspects of the manor, she also regularly educates people about the benefits of better gut health.



Inviting Accommodation


Guests love the immaculate, warmly-decorated rooms at Oaklands. Were it not for our head housekeeper, Elizabeth Shabalala, and her team, which includes Margaret Mokoena, guests wouldn’t experience the comfort that Oaklands is loved for. With military precision, Elizabeth and her team ensure that the manor is always ready to welcome guests.




A Warm Welcome


When it comes to hospitality, the most important person is arguably your host. Annie Barnard takes the lead as guest liaison, managing the front of house. Her natural warmth and flair for making people feel at ease have helped give Oaklands that home away from home feeling.




Excellent Service


Whether you’ve ordered a cup of tea or an elaborate feast, head waitress Prieska Mabizela and her team ensure that you are always served with heart. As someone who genuinely loves and values people, Prieska makes sure that the service we offer our guests is always top-notch.




Glorious Food


Food is a big part of the Oaklands experience. From our permaculture gardens to your plate, our renowned executive chef Kathy-Romer Lee’s skilled hand ensures that our food is wholesome, honest and delicious. Her award-winning food makes any occasion memorable.




Entrepreneurial Spirit


The Oaklands Country Manor is a part of the greater Oaklands community. The women in the surrounding village go from strength to strength, driving innovation and building a better future for their families. In May this year Maggie Kubheka opened her own B&B, catering to visitors and providing her household with additional income.


These are just a handful of the phenomenal women who lead and inspire everyone who lives in the greater Oaklands community. We wish all the women in our beautiful country a wonderful Women’s Month, as we celebrate your strength, your power and the positive impact you make every single day.