A Beginner’s Guide to Birdwatching

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy when you visit the Drakensberg, and it comes as no surprise that birdwatching consistently proves to be one of the most popular, especially considering the vast indigenous birdlife in the area. The wetland surrounding Oaklands Country Manor is home to no less than 5 seriously endangered bird species […]

Celebrating the Women of Oaklands

  In previous decades it was often said that behind every great man is a great woman, but this certainly doesn’t apply at Oaklands Country Manor. At Oaklands, women are at the forefront of everything we do, comfortably holding their own in various vocations and leading our community. In celebration of Women’s Month, we thought […]

A fitting farewell at Oaklands

When the local lipizzaner community and the greater Oaklands community lost one of their dearest friends, they knew they had to collaborate to send her off in a memorable fashion. Lipizzaners are the oldest human bred horse in the world and were first bred over 450 years ago. Wanting a horse that was loyal, courageous […]

The Perfect Wedding

Here are 5 reasons why the Oaklands Country Estate should be at the top of your list when it comes to choosing an intimate venue for your dream wedding. We’re often told that nothing is perfect, but every wedding planner knows that they are under pressure to deliver the perfect wedding to every couple on […]

Oaklands Harvest Festival: A Family Celebration

The greater Oaklands community recently celebrated two years of exceptional hard work with the beginning of a new annual tradition. Caroline Bruce and her siblings, Kathy Romer-Lee, Annie Barnard and Simon Tully are the driving force behind the successful Oaklands Country Manor, which has won numerous awards for its incredible cuisine and warm hospitality. Set […]

A memorable getaway for Dad

June 18th will see South Africans celebrating Father’s Day. While you might be tempted, like most of us, to leave grabbing a gift until to the last minute, you really ought to give it some serious thought this year.     Forget that pair of socks or a trusty swiss army knife, memories make the […]

Beating Burnout – The Oaklands Way

A short stay at Oaklands Country Manor could be what you need to escape the overwhelming pressures of modern life. We’re almost halfway through the year and if you are feeling exhausted, frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed you could be well on your way to burning out. And you certainly aren’t alone. We live chronically stressful […]

A Pond Frozen Over at Oaklands Country Manor

4 Reasons to Enjoy Winter at Oaklands

While many holiday destinations slow things down over the winter months, we use the drop in temperature as an excuse to turn up our hospitality and offer our guests a well-deserved break from the frantic pace of life. Situated on the Oaklands Estate, a privately-owned country district polo club with world-class facilities, Oaklands Country Manor […]

Perfect your polo at Oaklands

  Boasting a world-class polo field and an arena, the Oaklands Estate is a sought after destination for polo players and enthusiasts. With a history that extends beyond 2000 years, Polo is one of the oldest sports still played today, proving that humans and horses have had a very close relationship for many centuries. At […]

What’s cooking in Kathy’s Kitchen

We decided to peek into Kathy’s Kitchen to find out more about her tasty approach. Balance and harmony are principles that apply to so many things that we do at Oaklands, especially when it comes to sustainable food production. We embarked on a sustainable permaculture gardening project a few of years ago and it has […]