Walking & Hiking

Nature lovers can enjoy a number of easy walking trails on Oaklands property, with exquisite views of the surrounding area. We also offer informative guided trails led by locals who have extensive knowledge of the local culture and history of the area.

Explore the unspoiled terrain that surrounds Oaklands Country Manor at your own pace with a number of walking and hiking trails on the property and beyond. Most are within a 15km radius of the Manor grounds, and vary from leisurely walks to slightly more challenging hikes and rock-climbing trails.

Guided walks

Either enjoy a peaceful stroll through the KwaZulu-Natal countryside on your own, or take an informative guided walk, which Oaklands can facilitate by prior arrangement. Guides provide much insight into the rich history of the area, as well as the indigenous cultures of the Zulu and Sotho communities. They will also point out interesting fauna and flora on certain routes, thereby affording great opportunities for birdwatching and game viewing.


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