Avid birders will be enthralled on a visit to Oaklands Country Manor. This is because one of the many perks of our Drakensberg location is the abundance of indigenous bird species. Surrounded by wetlands, our manor often plays host to the white-winged flufftail, Rudd’s lark and wattled crane.

Birds Worth Siting

Now is a better time than ever to come to the Drakensberg for a birdwatching holiday. This is because our wetlands is home to five severly endangered bird species. In addition to the white-winged flufftail, Rudd’s lark and wattled crane, there are 27 more species that are in trouble.

Oaklands Country Manor is doing its best to protect these species through the support of various conservation initiatives. But the sad reality is we are not sure how much longer these magnificent birds will last.



Activities Perfect for Birdwatching

Encountering one of these unique bird species is as simple as taking in the sights while on one of our walking, biking or hiking trails. OR if you prefer to sit back and relax while waiting to spot your favourite feathered friend, an outride on horseback or fishing on the lake might suit you well.


Your Birding Tool Kit

Of course, you don’t want to let your birdwatching outing be in vain – so don’t forget to pack you binoculars, birding book and patience. You’ll be amply rewarded, we promise!